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striketvblogger in striketv


We've been spotlit! Thank you, LJ, we're honored!

And we can see that we have some new people watching us, so we're going to catch you up and let you know what's coming your way really soon.

First came theatre, then radio, movies and television - now Hollywood's creators are bringing their stories the web with Strike.TV, a one-of-a-kind network that will bring original, high-quality video entertainment directly to you.

We've created this community so you can interact with other fans and with the professionals whose work you'll soon be seeing. You'll recognise names from The Office (US), The Daily Show, Robot Chicken, Child's Play, LonelyGirl15, General Hospital, The Simpsons, Farscape, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Daily Show, Newhart, Ghost Whisperer, and many, many more.

If you've just found us, you may want to take a look through the archive to see what's headed your way, check out some teasers and read some fascinating blogs.

To start you off, here's our official sizzle reel.


I'm still considering if I want to join the community, but I have a question: When you say Child's Play, do you mean the horror movie or the game show? 'Cause I'm severely afraid of the former.
I admit to being very curious. I can't get the StrikeTV site to actually load and come up on my work pc, but I'll try at home and see what's what. I hope the content is equal to the promise of this teaser.

Still optimistic.
So, on the beta issue (and since on Twitter apparently you never check the "Replies" tab), what about the people who signed up/subscribed weeks and weeks ago, ahead of the curve? Do they get nothing, or do they count amongst the people who only subscribed between last Friday and this Monday?
Sorry about that. Everybody that's signed up/subscribed counts, not just the people who subscribed between last Friday and this Monday and will get the opportunity to register for the beta.