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striketvblogger in striketv

Tom Holland on Tom Holland's 5 or Die and Strike.TV

Walk on the Dark Side...Without any hand railings and a plunge into bottomless black beckoning on either side.

That's "Tom Holland's 5 or Die." It’s a chance to push the boundaries, and we will undoubtedly not push enough or too much, and no one will be responsible except me and my collaborators. We've all been walking "the line," held back by the Hollywood system, our own timidity, need for money and approval, and a society that has lost its coherence. "5 or Die" says the hell with all that, let’s take the plunge and see what happens.

It is un-homogenized. It's unexpurgated. It's nightmares and laughing fits and what we can do that hasn't been done before on no money. It's what you're not going to see or hear anyplace else.

Uncensored, raw, unplugged, in-your-face media: That's the promise of Strike.TV. Control is back in the hands of the inmates. At least for a while. And we're more insane than ever.

Good taste, bad taste, I'm sure we'll be guilty of both, along with murder, mayhem, tears, sobs, dismemberment, buckets of blood and laughs. Come, take the trip with us, and enjoy the darkness. It hides all kinds of terrible things, including what's inside of you, as well as us.

And grin. It's all any of us can do. After all, we're all ending the journey the same way, dead and gone, equal at last. So it's the laughs, giggles, occasional screams and gasps and a tear in the eye, along with some I-wanna-throw-up moments along the way that will lighten and speed the trip...hopefully you'll find it all in "5."


i assume you've seen already...

but it's nice to know the hitters in yr corner:):)



blame the caffeine, got a little strident there, sorry:)))