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LJ Community for online web network, Strike.TV.
Strike.TV is the first ever online network created by Hollywood storytellers that brings original, high-quality video entertainment to the world.

Strike.TV is a positive force on the forefront of the changing new media landscape. We empower professional film and television story-tellers by offering them creative freedom, welcoming them to retain ownership of their material and helping them monetize and distribute their work across the Web. We empower advertisers by connecting them with Hollywood creative talent. We are an alternative incubator for studios and networks, as well as a premiere showcase for the clients of talent agencies large and small. And we embolden audiences by offering them high-quality, original scripted programming they can watch when they want, how they want and where they want. And we're serving it all up for free.

Unfortunately at this time, STRIKE.TV is NOT ACCEPTING any unsolicited script submissions. Unsolicited script submissions will be returned unopened to the sender. If you are a professional film or television story-teller who is a member of the WGA, DGA or SAG, with a COMPLETED web series, pilot or film that you're looking to monetize and distribute across the internet, please contact us at art@strike.tv and tell us about yourself and your creation. Later this summer we'll be accepting proposals from WGA and DGA members in good standing. Our hope is that these guidelines will expand to include SAG members as well as undiscovered talent in the future. Stay tuned!